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We regularly see clients in our office with troublesome toenails that probably started becoming diseased sometime ago. Most of these clients have been getting pedicures for years. Some were lead in the direction that it was just due to age or told not to be too concerned. 
Their toenails have now become a medical issue. They have a comprehensive medical Footcare assessment by one of our trained medical foot nurses. We are often educating them on what we are finding and many of the new clients are in shock. We quickly get them on an amazing treatment plan for healthier and happier feet.
Debriding by podiatry burr…damaged toe nails is a routine treatment foot care nurses perform.  These were covered up for years by pedicures at a salon! This client started to have toe pain and realized there was definitely something more going on with her feet. It takes years for them to get this way.
Routine care is removing top layers of diseased dead nail and doing maintenance as needed. 
We aren’t against toenail painting in fact we do it in our office every single day. But we don’t do it to hide an issue or cover up a yellow or crumbling nail. 
We also discussed the use of tools and equipment that are sterilized in a proper autoclave and how toenail polish is not shared or any of the brushes. 
We will often encourage our clients to go six months without any polish so we can get them into their best condition before we choose to use a toxin free and breathable polish moving forward.
There is a difference between medical Footcare and a pedicure done by an aesthetician. Both have amazing skills and qualities we love and need.
Big important difference is when you’re getting a medical pedicure it is done by a registered and regulated health provider. To be able to know the difference is when you ask for a receipt for the care completed, you would be able to get reimbursed by your private insurance company or use it as a health receipt for your income taxes. 
Medical foot care nurses are trained not only to take care of toes, feet and lower limb issues they’ve had extensive training on physiology and biology of the body over many years. We see the foot and care plan in place as a whole!
“Our medical foot care team is here for you always.”
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