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Meet Ivy Stacey

My Dream Job

I graduated from the Practical Nursing program at the Centre for Nursing Studies in St. John’s Newfoundland on December 15th, 2010. A diploma I ventured to achieve after becoming a single parent in 2008, ensuingly having gained various educational and work-related experiences.

At the age of 30 I was unsure if I had completely lost my mind for such an undertaking or if I had finally found my calling. I eagerly accepted a temporary full-time position with Eastern Health in the Mental Health and Addictions department. A place that felt like home as I have a passion to help others who are ailed by such conditions as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and the many complexities that stem from a diseased brain.

During my first year of employment, I was given an opportunity to travel out of province to attend an Advanced Foot Care program through Senior Watch Inc. located in Saint John, New Brunswick. Due to the fact that I was in a temporary position I enthusiastically jumped into the specialty of feet.

Prior to the course I had little knowledge about the importance of foot health. As the clientele added up and the years passed by, I became impassioned with my job. I no longer felt like I was headed out to go to work anymore. I’ve always heard that if you do what you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life therefore I can no longer say I am going to work each day as I am simply doing what I love.

While working still within Eastern Health as a casual call-in float LPN I started my “side gig” of providing in home foot care services. The business soon picked up, fortunately for me, having the flexibility of being self-employed enabled me to be a 100% devoted Mom to my little girl as I continued to earn a living at what I now call my Dream Job.

I am a lover of learning and I continuously seek out ways to advance my knowledge. I enrolled in a Foot Care Symposium a few years into my career as a LPN FCM to broaden my scope and at this said event I met with many colleagues some of which offered me a position as a Podiatry Nurse at their clinic. I took the offer to join the Podiatry Associates to work alongside four podiatrist. Over two years of being a team member I acquired great quantities of skill in a clinic setting. Some of which include; nail avulsion prep, ultrasound therapy, fitting of orthopedic shoes and orthotics, gait analysis, and scalpel techniques to name a few.

During my time at the clinic I also collaborated with a team of nurses who have formed a foot care interest group. At our annual education days I taught scalpel techniques to enhance the current curriculum of the foot care program offered at the Centre of Nursing Studies. I’ll am still an active member of the NL Foot Care Interest group on Facebook.

I moved back to my rural Newfoundland hometown from the city after meeting my now husband and between us both we have 4 children. Two are current college students and two are in Grade 10. I provide services in a mobile setting traveling to my clients homes covering an area of approximately 180kms. I am also a vendor for Eastern Health to provide foot care for subsidized residents in 2 personal care homes, senior cottages, and a nursing home located in Grand Bank, NL

This clinical partner endeavor excites me as I feel I will have the chance to share my dedication for improving lifestyles for the people of rural Newfoundland as the resources are so few and far between.

Yours truly,
Ivy Stacey LPN FCM