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Footcare Nursing: A Vital Aspect of Holistic Healthcare

Footcare Nursing A Vital Aspect of Holistic Healthcare

Proper foot care is often overlooked, but it plays a crucial role in overall health and well-being. Footcare nursing has emerged as a specialized branch of healthcare dedicated to addressing foot-related issues, promoting preventative care, and restoring mobility.

Onyfix Nail Correction System

Onyfix is the newest technology used to treat ingrown and involuted toenails using a composite nail brace that reshapes the nail and ensures natural nail growth.At our AFCN foot clinics, our Foot Nurses will create and adapt an individualised system that treats your ingrown or involuted (pincer) nail. Onyfix acts as a composite brace allowing the nail to reshape and naturally grow out. The entire process is pain-free, from start to finish.Ingrown or involuted toenails can be painful and cause many complications. Onyfix provides an alternative solution for patients who may not be suited for ingrown nail surgery, needle phobia, diabetic, pregnant or breast feeding, age, vascular disease etc.

Have you seen your parents feet lately?

A foot care nurse has received additional specialized training in foot care. Many diabetics, seniors and busy adults have difficulty taking care of their feet due to poor mobility, eyesight, loss of strength in their hands or family and work life. At times, even the best of us can’t see the bottom of our feet.

Toe and Foot Transformations

“Clients are at risk when a nail becomes thick and yellow. Routine Treatment is to reduce as much of the dead and diseased nail as possible leaving a thin nail to grow in and maintain. Thick nails put pressure and put them at risk for damage or even a ulcer underneath” We use podiatry burrs of many shapes and sizes to quickly reduce and reshape. Thick nails can cause pressure underneath leading to micro bleeds. We assess why your nails are sick and have the ability to do a fungal nail test via the lab. We have several options for treatment.

LTC/ Retirement Facility Foot Care Nurse Program

We have the perfect size company and foot care nursing staff to handle and properly take care of of any foot care contract. We practice in homes as small as 20 residents to much larger contracts serving 200 residents!

Advanced Foot Care Nurse Feature in Biz X Magazine

Our exemplary Foot Care company strives to continue to be the best in the Windsor Essex County area for all your Footcare needs. We also open our hearts to the community and give back as beautifully outlined in this article.

Why Consider Mobile Care?

Mobile care is an ideal alternative to anyone unable to easily access our clinic. Whether you’re in a home care community, long term care facility, or retirement home, contact us and take advantage of the same outstanding care you’d receive in our clinic from the safety and convenience of your own residency.

Let’s Talk Foot Types!

There are four main foot types, and each can tell you which type of shoes will bring you the most comfort and be better for your body over time.

Why Regular Foot Nurse Care Is So Important

One of our regular foot care clients showed up at the clinic today with this toe! They were camping and injured it just 2 weeks ago! This is the effects only 14 days caused. Its very lucky this client keeps his regular foot care treatment and screening appointments. We were able to get the wound debrided and cleaned up.

Why Do You Have To Wear Your Compression Socks Consistently

Compression Socks doesn’t have to be a daily struggle! Yes, they’re snug. They are supposed to be – that’s what makes them medically useful. But that’s also why it can be difficult to put on compression socks, especially over the heel and ankle. Unfortunately, when people get discouraged, they don’t wear them consistently – and the swelling in their lower legs and ankles tends to get worse rather than better.