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Entrepreneurship Program

It's time to Level-up!
Starts your own Business.

Designing Your Dream Business Step by Step

What business dreams are you holding back on?

When creating your strategy, it’s very important to pick a measurable extraordinary goal

From this we can help to change your mindset to deliver and achieve.

Sometimes it just takes a minute to engage with an expert who’s looking from a different angle, and can break things down even further for you into doable-tasks.

This is what I do! I work with you to create a blueprint for success in real-time!

Business Building Consultation Packages:

  • 1hr zoom meeting – $100
  • 1hr zoom meeting package of 5 within 6 months -$400

Its the things that nobody really talks about, that you REALLY NEED HELP with… Entrepreneur Success is built of so many things you should be doing…if only you knew how. I look forward to sharing our strategies for success and have you join us in this VERY competitive Footworld!

Janis, CEO,
Advanced Foot Care Nurse

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Building Your Dream Foot Business
Step by Step Course

$250.00 ONLY!


Streamlining Business Workflow
For Women Entrepreneurs

$250.00 ONLY!

EmpowerHer Streamline

“Foot Nurse Masters Community HUB Membership

👣✨**Introducing the Private Foot Masters Community Hub**✨👣 🎉

Great news for all students and foot care nurses🎉 

🤝 We are thrilled about our exclusive Facebook group and Community Website Group (you get both) for all foot care nurses who have completed our revered AFCN Advanced Foot Care Course, participated in any of our comprehensive workshops, courses or engaged in our enriching Mentorship Programs!

🔝 It’s worth it to sign up for one course or workshop for this PRIVATE ACCESS! OR…. $39.00 monthly membership fee for others so sign up!

 💡**What is it all about?** This community hub is a *FREE ACCESS* treasure trove designed to nurture a spirit of collaboration, support, and continuous learning among foot care professionals. Aimed at ensuring you are never alone in your journey toward excellence, this platform offers: 

**Peer-to-Peer Training & Guidance:
– Engage in valuable learning exchanges that can help propel your practice forward.

**Mentorship Opportunities:
– Find mentors who can provide you with wisdom, advice, and encouragement at every step of your career.

**A Supportive Community:Connect, share experiences, and grow alongside fellow professionals who understand your challenges and triumphs.

 📚🩺💡Whether you’re seeking to refine your skills, looking for guidance, or longing to make meaningful connections in the field of foot care nursing, this group promises to be your go-to destination. 

 💥**Bonus:** Keep an eye out for instructional videos from our clinical partners covering a wide array of topics to enrich your knowledge and expertise further. 


Plus, with the incoming launch of our Foot Nurse Masters group on our dedicated website and app, you’ll have multiple platforms to engage with peers, no Facebook account necessary!


🌟 Join us now and be part of a growing community where knowledge meets passion, and together, we elevate the noble profession of foot care nursing to new heights. 

Your journey to becoming a Foot Master starts here! ➡️**Together, let’s step towards excellence in foot care nursing**⬅️ 


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Enroll in ANY course or workshop and have lifetime access!
Courses: https://advancedfootcarenursecourse.thinkific.com/

To apply for reimbursement of your course fees and receive funding for continuing education as a nurse in Ontario, please complete the application via these links:

Remember to include a copy of your course certificate of completion and AFCN receipt for payment. Eligible nurses can receive up to $1,500.00 in funding per year.

Certification Process for Foot Care Nurses