Entrepreneurship Program

What business dreams are you holding back on?

When creating your strategy, it’s very important to pick a measurable extraordinary goal

From this we can help to change your mindset to deliver and achieve.

Sometimes it just takes a minute to engage with an expert who’s looking from a different angle, and can break things down even further for you into doable-tasks.

This is what I do! I work with you to create a blueprint for success in real-time!

Its the things that nobody really talks about, that you REALLY NEED HELP with… Entrepreneur Success is built of so many things you should be doing…if only you knew how. I look forward to sharing our strategies for success and have you join us in this VERY competitive Footworld!

Business Building Consultation Packages:

  • 1hr zoom meeting – $100
  • 1hr zoom meeting package of 5 within 6 months -$400
  • Visit our clinic mentorship-Windsor
  • 1 day- $400
  • 3 days $1000

Janis, CEO,
Advanced Foot Care Nurse

To apply for reimbursement of your course fees and receive funding for continuing education as a nurse in Ontario, please complete the application via these links:

Remember to include a copy of your course certificate of completion and AFCN receipt for payment. Eligible nurses can receive up to $1,500.00 in funding per year.