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Medical Compression Sock Fitting

We carry top of the line 15-20mmhg and 20-30mmhg, 30-40mmhg.

Compression socks, thigh his and pantyhose. We have professional certified fitters on staff and welcome walk-ins.

Covered by most insurance plans.

Socks are custom fit and non-returnable. They are custom hygienic item.

Free Custom Fittings in the comfort of your own Home or in Office.

We assist with all insurance company billing.

$120.00 Knee

$169.00 Thigh

$200.00 Pantyhose

Wondering why people wear compression socks?

This miracle compression can help prevent vein conditions like spider and varicose veins or swelling of the feet and calves. They can also help alleviate conditions that have already begun to develop like swollen ankles, achy legs, pain, fatigue, restless legs and nighttime cramping. 

The conditions mentioned can occur for a variety of reasons, including a person’s profession (doctors and nurses are especially prone to foot swelling), or medical conditions including diabetes and heart disease. If this is a new symptom for you, we encourage you to contact your doctor to eliminate anything serious. 

Walk-Ins welcome!

We have 6 certified Compression fitters on staff to assist you and incredible selection of Socks for any style