OUR Services

Home and Office Visits

We offer best quality, non-invasive Advanced and Basic Foot Care Treatments for:

Diabetic Feet, Corns, Calluses, Verruca warts, Athletes Foot, Cracked Heels and fissures, Arthritis Pain, Thick, Discolored Nails reduction, Fungal Nail Treatments, Ingrown / Involuted Toenails – Nail Bracing, and Injured / Damaged Nail Reconstruction.

We also offer a MEDI-PEDI by our Nail Technician.


First Office Appt: $48.00 all other Office Appts: $43.00

Medi-Pedi: $48.00

Home Visit: $48.00


Facilities: $30-35.00

Hospital: $60.00