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When A Callus… Is Not Just A Callus

Our foot care nurse team has seen these feet this week and every week! Calluses are one of nature’s ways of protecting our bodies, especially when occurring on the hands and feet.

HELP for your Achilles Tendinitis Pain?

Now, if the pain is behind your ankle just above the heel, then it is likely that you have developed an injury or inflammation of the Achilles Tendon—the largest tendon in the body.

Diabetic Foot Care

If you’re diabetic, you may know of the many dangers to your limbs. Your feet are no exception. Make sure you understand how to care for your feet BEFORE the dangers become a reality.

Warts and Corns – What They Are and How to tell the difference.

Have you ever had a sore spot under your foot or on your toes? Or a patch of hard skin that you can’t seem to get rid of? There’s a good chance that you’ve had a corn or a wart. But how do you recognise them and how can you tell whether you have one or the other?

What is a Medical Foot Care Nurse?

Medical foot care is provided in a sterile, professional environment. All equipment is fully sterilized and cleaned in a commercial autoclave room that’s audited, instruments sealed, packaged and unique to each individual.

“What is being used on my feet?”

Have you ever been soaking in your comfy massage chair, while soaking your feet in a tub that has just sprayed in between clients and your now sharing whatever was in the tubes of that system. Not Fun and scary for your foot health! We call that “FUNGAL SOUP” yummy…

Asking About Your Foot Care Tools

We are very proud of our state of the art “Clean Room”. This is our place where policies and procedures are followed to steam sterilize by autoclave all of our equipment used to perform foot care.

Protective Foot Care Services

We are exceeding all new mandated regulations for personal protective equipment and disinfecting our rooms and equipment inbetween clients!

MEDI PEDI a better pedicure…

Combining the knowledge and skills of podiatry with the indulgent experience of beauty therapy, MediPedi is a first of its kind concept.