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One of our regular foot care clients showed up at the clinic today with this toe! They were camping and injured it just 2 weeks ago! This is the effects only 14 days caused. Its very lucky this client keeps his regular foot care treatment and screening appointments. We were able to get the wound debrided and cleaned up. A quick referral to an amazing chiropodist we use and a immediate call to his doctor got a care plan in action and initiated it immediately. Sometimes things on our feet seem small but they can get worse very quickly.

Let a foot care professional see your toes and feet regularly! Regular Foot Care Nurse Checks- If you have foot care treatments on a regular basis, you will always be aware of any cuts, bruises, redness, or swelling on your feet that’s developed. Foot nurses will also be able to quickly identify any conditions such as corns or calluses, cracked heels, or pressure areas. A lot can change with your feet in just days or weeks This is so important as to prevent complications later. Three important reasons to take care of your feet include quality of life, productive work and regular physical activity. With poor foot health your less likely to have these.

Foot Care Nurse care is even more important if you have any: * loss of feeling, numbness, or tingling in feet * changes in the shape of feet or toes * sores, cuts, ulcers on your feet *pain or cramps in lower legs * diabetes, cancer, circulation issues, immunosuppressed Advanced Foot Care Nurse and Wellness Centre Inc. provides well trained Foot Nurses to complete comprehensive foot and lower limb assessments. Our foot care is done with safe, sterilized tools and equipment.