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Mobile care is an ideal alternative to anyone unable to easily access our clinic. Whether you’re in a home care community, long term care facility, or retirement home, contact us and take advantage of the same outstanding care you’d receive in our clinic from the safety and convenience of your own residency.

No matter your age, condition, or location, you deserve optimal care. We strive to exceed expectations, and meet the highest of mobile service standards possible. Our practice runs on three pillars of excellency: reliability, safety, and the devotion of our nursing team.

Don’t wait to treat your gait. Preventative routines are just as important as managing existing conditions. Happy feet benefit from an Advanced Foot Care Nurse visit every 4 to 6 weeks.

Can’t get out of your home? Don’t drive? Immobile? Hate traffic or waiting? “Your Foot Care In Your Home” We offer home visits in Windsor/Essex and Chatham/Kent County. No wait times! Comprehensive medical foot assessment, Cut and file, diabetic care, callus and corn removal, thick nail reduction, fungal treatments, compression sock fittings. Our nurses are friendly and love to help! $50.00 a home visit. We bill Green Shield and Vets directly. We have 8 Advanced Mobile Foot Care Nurses who bring top level foot care right to your door. We bring top of the line podiatry tools and individually packaged and sterilized equipment. We serve over 3700 happy clients and 19 contracted facilities. Our reputation is for being the lead foot care providers in our community.

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Check Our Latest List of Prices

  • TOEFX Fungal Toenail Treatment: $85.00 (45 mins)
  • New Client Office Foot Care Appt: $55.00 (45 mins)
  • Advanced Foot Care Office Treatment: $50.00 (30 mins)
  • Advanced Foot Care Home Care Visit: $55.00 (Duration Varies)
  • Medi-Pedi: $55.00 (45 mins)
  • ONYFIX Ingrown Nail Correction: $55.00 (Duration Varies)
  • Gehwol Nail Reconstruction: $55.00 for up to two toes
  • Wart Verucca Treatment: $55.00 (Duration Varies)
  • Consultation:$50.00
  • Facilities: $50.00
  • Hospital: $50.00
  • Reflexology: $50.00