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Home Foot Care Services Overview

Our certified Foot Care Nurses provide care in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Education and prevention of injuries and infections are our priority. Our Nurses have the expertise and background to provide safe, high-quality care focusing on the independence and well being of all clients. A schedule of maintenance visits will be created by the Nurse and client with the goal to reduce the risk of infection and hospitalization. 

All Foot care services include a thorough assessment of common foot and nail disorders of the diabetic and geriatric feet in our initial visit.

INITIAL VISIT (45-60 minutes)

The initial visit will include a comprehensive assessment, including assessment of circulation, sensation, skin integrity, foot, and nail structure along with an assessment for appropriate footwear. The Nurse will gather information on current health status.

Your Certified Foot Care Nurse will create a treatment plan based on the initial assessment findings.

ONGOING TREATMENT PLANS (30-45 minutes)                     

  • Preparation of feet and lower legs at the start of the visit.
  • Trimming, sanding, reduction, and debridement as necessary on toenails, calluses, and corns. 
  • Assess for any changes to nail structure, assess for tissue changes.
  • Assess for foot pain with education to reduce pain in feet and toes.
  • Treatment for ingrown nail if required
  • Moisturizing feet and lower leg treatment.
  • Enhancing circulation.
  • Provide strategies and education to clients with goals to prevent future problems and complications.
  • Provide education on correct shoe fitting and orthotics if needed. May include referrals to podiatry or other vendors as needed. ,
  • Educate on wearing appropriate socks and assess for the correct fit. 
  • Educate on keeping feet clean and dry and preventing infections.

What does it cost for the foot care service?

Our services are paid for directly by our customers. Insurance generally does cover the cost of in-home visits. Diabetics should check with the provider to verify if services are covered. We do bill Greenshield directly for you, no out of pocket cost!

The home visit is $50.00

Who Needs In-Home Foot Care 

As we age, foot care becomes more difficult to do ourselves, with respect to our vision, strength, and flexibility.  Timely foot care can help reduce the seriousness of foot issues. Additionally, chronic conditions such as diabetes and vascular disease increase the importance of foot care in order to decrease the risk of injury and infection which can lead to hospitalization or worse (amputation or death).

Foot care services are also needed when someone is healthy but cannot perform normal foot care due to vision, orthopedic, or neurologic challenges.  This care is also necessary for those who may have comorbid conditions that cause vascular, neurological, or dermatologic disorders who are prone/susceptible to trauma and infection. 

Client Safety

Advanced Foot Care Nurse INC.  will maintain the highest standards of infection control with regards to the safety and protection of our clients and staff.

  • Use of personal protective equipment when providing foot care treatment includes
    • Face shield/goggles
    • Face mask 
    • Gloves
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Barrier towel
  • Strict sterilization and disinfection protocols are followed for all instruments used during the foot care appointment.

Why Use Advanced Foot Care Nurses Home Foot Program 

AFCN INC. Home Foot Care brings Certified foot care nursing services to the comfort of your own home. From routine maintenance to advanced foot care treatment we work with medium to high-risk clients including Seniors and diabetics. 

We are not only foot care specialists but specialize in-home care for seniors.  We understand the importance of developing a good working relationship and strong communication skills our nurses have with our older clients.  

Certified Foot Care Specialist (CFCN) is a registered nurse (RN, RPN) who has taken in addition to their formal training as a nurse, specialized training and certification in foot care. Our foot care nurses are committed to your foot care needs from foot care maintenance to foot care hygiene. 

Nursing Foot Care 

Our foot care is a specialized skill and treatment to medium and high-risk clients including those with arthritis, autoimmune disease, and diabetes.  We also look to educate clients on the importance of foot health, especially with individuals diagnosed with diabetes, neuropathy, arthritis, and vascular disease, but we understand what was once easy to do ourselves we now may need help with which is why Advanced Foot Care Nurses Home Care’s services now include in-home foot care services to reduce the risks of infection and other issues which may require more serious medical attention.

  • Anatomy and physiology of the feet and lower extremities 
  • Common micro‐organisms of the feet 
  • Asepsis and infection control

Home Foot Care for Seniors…

Foot care in the comfort of your own home without the hassle of traveling to an office and not enjoying a waiting room!