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What is a Medical Foot Care Nurse?

A foot care nurse is a RN/RPN who has taken specialized training in foot care. They work along with a team of health care professionals such as family doctors, podiatrists, chiropodists, physiotherapists, and others to keep a person mobile and decrease the risk of developing foot complications.

 Nurses also assess feet for circulation, sensation, edema, swelling.

The expense of foot care can be tax deductible if the receipts has the NURSE’S registration # on the receipt. Many health insurance plan also covers nursing foot care. 

Medical foot care is a dry, meaning there is no footbath like the ones associated with many spa pedicures. Medical foot care is performed by trained and qualified foot care. They also treat skin, nail and foot conditions and can advise you on preventative treatment. 

That grotesque wart on the side of your foot? Consider it gone. Calluses, corns, ingrown toenails, yellow nails and everything in between… they can handle it all.

Unlike a pedicure Medical Foot Care looks at the overall health of the feet, including diagnosis and treatment of various foot problems such as ingrown toenails, fungal infection, athlete’s foot, warts, proriasis etc…

Medical foot care is provided in a sterile, professional environment. All equipment is fully sterilized and cleaned in a commercial autoclave room that’s audited, instruments sealed, packaged and unique to each individual. 

Prior to treatment the skin is softened with antibacterial solution in order to remove dry and dead skin, shaping, buffing the toenails. During the session the feet are diagnosed and treated for nail or skin damage. 

Spa pedicures “sterilize” instruments between use by placing them in bright blue barbicide or a similar product. However medical foot care providers use fully sterilized or, and one-time only tools such as blades, which come from sealed packages. Also because it is is performed on dry feet there is no risk of infection arising from a shared footbath. Everything is extremely hygienic whereas hygiene or sanitation standards cannot always be guaranteed in popular nail salons.

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