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Who, How and Where?

You should never be afraid to ask WHO, HOW AND WHERE are the tools that are being used on your feet being cleaned!

We are very proud of our state of the art “Clean Room”. This is our place where policies and procedures are followed to steam sterilize by autoclave all of our equipment used to perform foot care.

We know how easy it could be to transmit a nasty bacteria or virus. Our clients are at risk and could be susceptible, so your safety is top priority. We test our equipment and processes and thorough documentation us done.

Our Best practice for Instruments for foot care would be they are deemed “critical” and should be cleaned per PHO regulations and in a private inspected reprocessing room in a commercial business location.

We meet and exceed!

Our Nurses have all taken a reprocessing course and have a Diploma Device Reprocessing Technician on staff.

Gold practice standards is what Advanced Foot Care Nurse is all about.

We love and care about how we provide care.

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