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Awarded 2020 OBIAA Business Grant

We would like to congratulate Janis Boudreau, CEO of Advanced Foot Care Nurse and Wellness Centre Inc. for successfully being awarded today, a large grant to further grow and improve her business for the year.

Grant monies will be allocated for media, business branding, advertising, website improvements and digital marketing management!

The application process included completed online education, a detailed business development plan creation and photos of the outside storefront shop were required.

What a great experience and it will be a pleasure spending the grant money this year.

Check Our Latest List of Prices

  • TOEFX Fungal Toenail Treatment: $85.00 (45 mins)
  • New Client Office Foot Care Appt: $55.00 (45 mins)
  • Advanced Foot Care Office Treatment: $50.00 (30 mins)
  • Advanced Foot Care Home Care Visit: $55.00 (Duration Varies)
  • Medi-Pedi: $55.00 (45 mins)
  • ONYFIX Ingrown Nail Correction: $55.00 (Duration Varies)
  • Gehwol Nail Reconstruction: $55.00 for up to two toes
  • Wart Verucca Treatment: $55.00 (Duration Varies)
  • Consultation:$50.00
  • Facilities: $50.00
  • Hospital: $50.00
  • Reflexology: $50.00