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What do I do About My Overlapping and Bent Toes?

While bent, crooked or overlapping toes can bother us how they look, there can be a lot more we should be concerned about!

Our toes lead us in the way for our balance and gait. These both help to determine how much pressure and friction is going to be placed on each area and in every step we take.

Toes that cross over each other or that are too tight together can lead to so much pressure over a bony area that a painful corn develops. Our bodies natural protection to pressure is to develop calluses and corns

When toes overlap each other it can provide a warm, moist and tight area for bacteria to grow. It can lead to athletes foot and fungal skin infections.

When toes are bent, like hammertoes and club toes there is a lot of pressure being placed on the ends of your toes. We often see calluses and corns on the top at where the joints are and on the pads of toes.

Calluses and corns can be an ulcer waiting to happen if left untreated. After removing calluses off of a client has who has chosen to not offload, and let it go. There was damage to the tissue underneath even surprising them.

Yes, calluses and corns are a response as the bodies natural process to produce something because of friction and pressure to protect itself.

So it’s very important to protect this area.

The solution is very simple. You need to change the gate, posture, and pressure by offloading the area.

We add Advanced Foot Care Nurse and Wellness Centre‘s offer, a full variety of gel and fabric offloading devices for between toes or over boney prominence areas on the feet. We also offer a two stage orthotic program to suit everyone’s needs. We have custom orthotics by our chiropractor, or Sole Custom heat-molded insoles.

Stop in one of our amazing clinics today or called to book an appointment to get the assessment you need and on your way to healthier and pain-free feet.

We also have an amazing online shop that sells many of these awesome offloading products.