Mentorship Program

Its the things that nobody really talks about, that you REALLY NEED HELP with…

Entrepreneur Success is built of so many things you should be doing…if only you knew how…

We have an exciting announcement coming on Monday. We at Advanced Foot Care Nurse look forward to sharing our strategies for success and have you join us in this VERY competitive Foot Care world!

The Mentoring topics will include:

* Medical foot care

* Orthotics; Custom and non-custom

* Compression wear

* Sterilization procedures

* Charting, scheduling and forms

* Foot and nail products

* How to use technology to make your work week easier and

more streamline. Lots of cool programs out there!

* Advertising, Getting you known!

* What to charge and how to collect for your services.

* How to speak and work cooperatively with nursing homes,

corporations and unions.

* How to collaborate with other professionals.

Full Day In office Mentorship 10am-4pm $300.00

Call to book a date that works for all of us!