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How To Solve Your Sweaty Feet Problem!

If you find your feet sweaty? Stop wearing cotton socks as they cause your feet to create more heat and sweat more! Merino wool socks are a good choice for socks why? WOOL wickers the moisture away from your body! and they are soft as well! if your feet sweat then you are at risk for Athletes’ foot and 67% of people with toenail fungus comes from Athletes’ foot.

You should not wear the same pair of shoes more than two days in a row, giving them time to rest, breathe in the air to get through them.

A daily spray should be used on the feet. Footlogix Sweaty Feet formula to keep the bacteria at bay and reduce sweating. This foam has been professionally formulated, that will not only reduce the smell, but also the itching and appearance of redness.

This is why we use lambs wool and sell it in our offices to put between the toes, as it is hypoallergenic cannot grow bacteria. It helps to wick away the moisture that is causing the unsightly athletes feet between the toes. We have seen amazing things happened with this lambs well when applied and change daily. We have had clients who have had open areas, redness, and soreness between the toes for many years, but I asked her a couple weeks of using lambs wool it has completely cleared up!

  • Change your socks daily and wear merino wool socks
  • Don’t wear your shoes more than two days in a row and let them air out.
  • Wash your feet daily, with a soap with benzol peroxide in it.
  • Treat your feet 1-2 times daily with FootLogix Sweaty Feet Formula Foam

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