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From Painful Feet to Healthy Feet:
Assessing and Acting on it!

Our feet take us everywhere that we need to go. We often are not taking that extra moment when we are taking off our socks at the end our day or taking a shower or bath and looking between our toes, checking the botyoms and assessing what is going on and if there are any changes.

To often than not, our feet are left ignored. We feel like the pain and soreness we get is just a part of living. The signs and symptoms going on with our feet or lower limbs are our first indicator to know that something is not right it should not be ignored.

Our wish at advanced foot care nurse is that all of our clients would take a look at their feet daily doing a quick assessment. Getting a baseline for what they look like healthy so they may know when small changes start to happen.

Foot pain generally does not go away on its own. It is caused by some intrinsic or extrinsic factors.

Imagine that you’re walking around in pain and it’s just the shoes you’re wearing or that you just need a little bit of a correction in your gait! Or what about that troublesome corn or overlapping toe, did you know that those can be treated and a plan can be put in place to offload so there’s no reason to not do something.

Leaving it and ignoring it does not make it go away. In fact, you’re leaving yourself up for a possible future harm or risk for infection.

So today take a look at your feet if you see any changes or anything on this bottom list, feel free to contact Advanced Foot Care Nurse and Wellness Centre for an assessment and possible Footcare treatments in our office or at home.

Things that need to be treated and a care plan:

Overlapping toes

Calluses and corns

Swelling of the ankle and/or toes

Discolouration on feet

Dark areas on the nail

Sore, dry cracked heels

Thick, fungal nails

Ingrowing nails

pain on the bottom of feet


Advanced Foot Care Nurse and Wellness Centre trained in assessment of the feet and lower limbs. If you’re not sure what you’re looking at, please book with us as soon as possible.