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Do You Have A Green Shield or Insurance Provider?

“Health Care Spending Account”?

Did you know, most Green Shield and other provider plans now have a “health care spending account” that can be used for nursing foot care?

This means you do NOT need to be diabetic and care does NOT need to be in home for foot care services to be covered when using this spending account.

Are you aware of your “Health Care Spending Account” through your provider? Check your balance and use it for your health benefits and foot services. It could be used to cover Foot Care by a nurse every month!

Some plans carry a spending account balance of up to $1000 to be used every year. Have you ever heard the term use it or lose it? Well, this does apply to your health care spending account!


Your HCSA is a spending account funded by your employer that you can use to pay for health and dental expenses not covered by your group benefits plan or your provincial health plan.

Based on your group plan design, your employer deposits a set amount into your HCSA – then you use the funds for whatever eligible expenses are important to you. It’s all about individual choice – enjoy all the flexibility and convenience your HCSA has to offer.

*Diabetics with a prescription are covered in home every 4 weeks. We bill regular healthcare benefits directly for our diabetics with a prescription.

Diabetics wanting a clinic appointment would have to use their healthcare spending account instead. You would then submit our receipt as well as the spending account form to your provider, online or by paper mail in.

  • Non-diabetics and all other clients may be able to use their HCSA “Health Care Spending Account” for in-home or clinic appts! Same as above you would be submitting your receipt and you’re spending account form online or via mail

Enjoy a toe nail cutting and filing, callus and corn removal, hot towels leg/ foot massage and a comprehensive foot assessment. We do also provide a Medi-Pedi service with polish as an extra!

For more information on coverage details call Green Shield at +1 800-265-5615.

*** Note: it is the clients responsibility to find out and secure that they have a healthcare spending account, their available balance, and if nursing services is on their coverage list.

Medical receipt given for all other insurance company submissions and for income tax write-offs!

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Eligible expenses under HCSA:

Green Shield Health Spending Account Submit Form:

How to use your health care spending account: