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Collaboration is Key to Growth!

Building this type of “Footcare Empire” is not done alone. It requires a whole troop of help and people that you meet along the way! On any business journey there’s going to be its ups and downs. Sure I went through my moments of sleazy “car salesman type suppliers” lol, product pushers and bad ideas. I went through listening to a lot of quick and fast schemes. Then you get a little bit smarter and you decide who is best for you, best for your company and best for your reputation. 

I’m going to talk about some collaborations that have been made over the last decade and over the last year!

One of my first collaborations was with HealthLocal! This was a great choice for my company to get noticed and get clients sent my way. But it developed into something much more beneficial. Soon after my business was listed with them, I started to publish articles about foot care on HealthLocal. This drew even more traffic to find my business. 

As a result, when I decided to get a new website for my growing business, I trusted Trumpet Media (the owner of HealthLocal) to redesign my website. Their Customer Service Manager, Ms. Tree Ryde, is an expert in her field. I was able to collaborate with her via email and zoom to come up with great ideas. Tree made this a simple process and has been an excellent resource on growing my company and how to present it to others. 

My digital media now has shopping platforms, online booking, and a wealth of resources. The collaboration with Trumpet Media and Tree, in particular, early on provided the necessary tools and confidence I needed through this business growth journey. 

I had a Lotta questions on any given day and they were always answered or researched for me. I always felt like I was in good hands and getting the knowledge about online marketing that I needed for my business.

Who knew a simple filling out a contact form many years ago would lead to such a great partnership. Trumpet Media focuses only on serving small business owners. I have also since referred many of my colleagues to use their services.

Sometimes we are looking too far ahead and hoping that miracle products or adding more things to our business are what’s going to make us grow, but we have to start at our grassroots and grow a strong business platform first! 

Collaboration with the right people from the beginning is so important!