Foot Care Products

Gehwol Medical Foot Care

Calluses, Cracked heels, Dry skin, corns These products are designed for the well-being of your feet. Everything from sprays to balms to powders to their popular Gehwol foot creams.

Medical Compression Socks

20-30mmhg, 30-40mmhg Medical

We help with all forms, offer in store credit and bill Greenshield directly. We use several Compression Brands.

We are a proud partner with Sigvaris


Nutarniq Essentials provides all of the pro-nerve fats essential for the maintenance and regeneration of nerves that we no longer get from our diet.

See what our nutrition therapy can for your health today.

Dr. Remedy Anti-Fungal Polishes

Safer for nail polishing and infused with anti-fungal ingredients. Created by a doctor.

Belle Aura

Natural Foot Care Products

Locally and organically produced!


Applied in your shoes and bedding to kill viruses and bacteria that may cause warts or fungus.

Simcan Socks

Comfort socks, safe for diabetics

Plantars Fascitis Pyro

Compression Sock

Helps with pain and discomfort

Infracare Cold Feet Socks

Keep your feet warm and feeling great

Offloading Devices

Reduce pressure and friction on areas to reduce pain and callus or corn formation.

Biotime Footwear

Quality foot wear for all your needs.

Natural Foot Care Products

Essential Oils with Minerals delicately handcrafted and made by Ocean Bottom Soap Company. Ingredients contain anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-septic properties. We also use a clear iodine in the mixture which in recent studies has shown to improve fungal infections.

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