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Custom Orthotics and Braces

We offer NEW state-of-the art Custom Orthotics designed and masterfully created by sensors placed in your footwear, creating a real time image of the help and support you need. No more foot in a box!

3d casting imaging and gait and posture scans are completed.

 Our warm and friendly Nurses will guide you through the assessment process.

 Our Practitioner team consisting of Medical Physicians, a Chiropodist and a Chiropractor will then analyze,  create and dispense functional Orthotics utilizing all 3 medical areas. Our physician group handles all direct billing to your insurance. 

We offer only the best made Orthotics for our clients!

Free Office and Home Visit assessments available.

Office and Mobile Home Visits

We offer best quality, non-invasive

Advanced and Basic Foot Care Treatments for:

 Diabetic Foot, Corns, Calluses, Verruca warts, Athletes Foot, Cracked Heels and fissures, Arthritis Pain,

Thick, Discolored Nails reduction, Fungal Nail Treatments, Ingrown / Involuted Toenails - Nail Bracing,Injured / Damaged Nail Reconstruction.

We also offer a MEDI-PEDI by our Nail Technician.


Office Appt: $40.00

Medi-Pedi:   $45.00

Home Visit:  $45.00


Facilities: $30-35.00

Toe Nail Reconstruction for Fungal, Split, Cracked, Damaged or Missing Nails

Often people are embarrassed to show thick, discolored or fungal nails when out or when on holiday. Today, nail disease can be treated permanently and successfully with cosmetic nail treatments. This has become possible by the development of modern corrective materials. The LCN Wilde-Pedique nail gel system is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely, by providing an attractive cosmetic result.

Cost: $55.00 a nail

Ingrown Toe Nail: Pain-Free Epoxy Resin Nail Correction System

To correct painful ingrown nails or a truly unique and incredibly effective way to treat a variety of conditions associated with a highly curved toenail. These conditions include ingrown toenails, curved toenails, curling toenails, incurvated toenails, involuted toenails, mild pincer, trumpet or omega nails, ingrown fingernails, onychocryptosis and paronychia. Painful ingrown toenails can be the result of a toenail that's become too curved. The obvious solution is to correct the curve of the toenail, a different approach not achieved using any other treatment, not even surgery. 

Whether you've had ingrown toenails for many years or if this is your first experience with an ingrown toenail, professional toe Nail Correction will eliminate painful toenails in just a day or two.

Cost $55.00 per Nail

Wart Treatments

Debridement and removal of invading wart, followed by application of acid. Instructions for home care to follow.

Cost $35.00 per treatment

Certified Compression Fitting

15-20mmhg and 20-30mmhg, 30-40mmhg Compression sock and hose available. Covered by most insurance plans.

Free Custom Fittings in the comfort of your own Home or in Office. 

Anti-fungal Toe Nail Polish Application

after your foot care treatment, your own bottle can be purchased for application.

Infused with antifungal agent.

Natural and chemical free!

Plantar Fascitis Release/Massage

The Graston Technique is a non-invasive treatment for soft tissue injuries where a physical therapist uses small stainless steel or stone instruments and massage tools to apply progressive, targeted pressure to the plantar fascia. This targeted pressure is intended to break up adhesions in the inflamed, damaged arch, improving blood flow and encouraging regeneration of healthy tissue.