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If its too good to be true....

Posted on October 20, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Hi everyone, Its been awhile. As a foot care professional who is very busy Im always looking for new products, techniques and contacts. I absolutely love learning new things. Im so passionate about what I do. Thats a good and a BAD thing... Sometimes my blinders are not on to the not so good people and opportunities around me. 

If its to good to be is....If you get an uneasy or creepy feeling with people trying to get you to buy their technology stuff or get you to endorse what ever new item they are peddling to the foot nurses... fast.

Its unfortunate to say but there is a lot of "sketchy and weird" so called sales professionals out there. They may even be at the conferences or apart of the things you ar at. Makes no difference, makes it worse they have such easy access to us. I have actually learned there is probably a reason they are not apart of a big company or any of the wellknown and prospering companies that are nationally recognized. Go with the trusted things...I unfortunately got involved , thank god for a limited while. The result, disaster, no follow thru, unreliable service, crappy products, lying, no help, broken promises and lose of money. They just move on to peddle to the next available person who is guillable enough...

Now the good... I have also run into and met so many people along this journey that have given the time to show up, educate and follow up. I have brought my clinic and staff to a whole new level. I use many national suppliers who are amazing, return calls, follow up and care about you and your business. Thank you to Fatima at Gehwol. Vanessa at The Orthotic Group, Cathy at CPC, Mike at Medical Mart, Alexandria at Biotime. This is just a short list of great people who have always followed thru.

We all make mistakes. I made one in being so excited and trusting. A very wise supplier and friend of mine once said to me

"You dont need any of them  to be successful" Thanks Cathy you were always right. The whole time they need people like us...

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