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Our  Foot Care team consists of Experienced Nurses and a Nail Technician working together!

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What to expect during your foot care:

The ADVANCED FOOT CARE NURSE will take a history

underlying disease, foot health history, and current medications.  

Treatment includes:

* trimming and filing nails

* reducing thick nails with a podiatry electric drill

* callouses and corns reduced or removed

* treating fungal nails

* treating involuted and ingrown nails

* treating plantar warts

* hot towel application and a therapeutic massage to circulation and        

   lymphatic drainage.    

Expect that your first appointment to take 45 minutes. 

Follow up appointments take approx. 30 minutes.

With the use of a state-of-the art, suction integrated podiatry drill and various podiatry burs, We have found a unique way to deliver the safest, effective and painless experience for patients with virtually no vibration... We only use the best!